Wednesday, April 21, 2010

..............................Out Door Boutique Coming Really Soon!

Out Door Boutique
Next week Tuesday we will be having a huge outdoor boutique at my house in my front yard! I am so excited because we have 10 vendors who will be in attendance selling things ranging from accessories to designer baby boy onsies to purses and wallets to yummy homemade jam and gourmet cup cakes- and of course there is so much more! We always have a great turn out and we thank those of you who support our boutique efforts. Please spread the word- maybe my blogging friends could advertise for me on facebook since I don't have a fb account:)

Our vendors include: Me- Say It Sweetly:) Lori Faldmo, Angela Shaner- From the Heart Boutique, Natalie Anderson- The Sparkle Spot, Jasmene White, Theresa Guthrie- Heritage Makers, April Dye, Cami Romero- Now N Forever Accents, Shannon Harris, Heidi Ferguson- honeybear lane-

Tuesday, April 27TH
10AM to 1PM
and 3:30PM -6PM
The Amy Davis House (Between the Library and the LDS Church)
I don't really want to put my address on this blog post so email me if you need it-

Spread the word would you pretty please!!! Come find a trinket for yourself or a gift for Mother's Day!

I personally will be selling:
A New line of Spring Flower Hair Clips $5 each
A New Line of Spring Flower Head Bands
$5 each
Tutus for your little ballerina princess $10 each
Children's Cook'n and Craft'n Aprons $5 each
A Limited Supply of Vinyl Designs- prices will vary
Select Mary Kay Products and Carrying Cases prices will vary

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Family Blocks

$8 each.
One of each in stock.

Copper Star

$10. 19 inches. Light weight. Three in stock.

Stocking Wall Mount

No chimney, No problem.
$25. 36 inches in length. Holds up to six stockings. Doubled brackets on back mount sign securley to wall.
Only one left in stock.

Tile and Blocks

$10 6x6 Believe tile includes easel. Last in stock.

$15 5x7 glass block "Home for the Holidays". Last in stock.

$20 12x12 tile includes easel.

16x16 Magnet board

$25. Bracket on back to mount on wall. Very Sturdy. Three button magnets pictured included.
Last one in stock.

8x8 Glass Blocks

$15 each. One each in stock.

12 x 12 Vinyl on Tile

$20 each. Price includes easel. I have one of each in stock.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mesquite Locals!

This is what you missed . . .

But don't worry, you'll get another chance in two weeks. I'll announce the date next week! You don't want to miss this tasty little Chocolate Cinnamon Caramel Candy Apple made by Lori! Natalie made homemade Vanilla Spice Pear Jam and Raspberry Peach jam with deliciously soft homemade bread. So yummy! Both sold for $4!!
For other samples check out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

.....................Price Reduction!!!

Now all Flower Hair Clips are $4.oo and all Aprons are $5.oo. Shipping has also been changed to a $2.oo flat rate and orders over $20.00 still ship for free!!!

Assorted style of aprons featured on a post below. Great for messy eaters, kids who craft and kids who cook.
This White Collection is especially great for baby blessings! Just clip them on to a headband for a little extra glitter!





rc01 Six in stock

L: pc01 R: pc02

sbp set $5 for the set

Patriotic Clips
TL: rwbo1 TR:rwbo2
BL: rwb03 m: rwb04 BR: rwb 05

Each girl had a patriotic hair clip.

Top Row: L: gg01 M: gg02 R: gg03
Bottom Row: L: gg04 M: gg05 R: gg06


L: or01 M: or02 R:or03
yell01 (4 in stock)

Top: pink1
bottom: pink2

L:pink3 (4 in stock)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring Line

The New Spring Flower line is in and for a limited time only, get one for just
$4 dollars (Reg. $6 each)
AND get free shipping when you spend $20 or more
This sale will last until May 16th!
To order flower hair clips:
Please call: Amy Davis at 702-345-3366
0r email me at: (best way)
S/H $5.00
Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.
Thank you!
L: pp100- sold
Wear them in your hair, clip them on hats and beanies or headbands.
For girls of all ages!

L:bc102 R:plp102

L:gp104- sold

L:bpd106 R:OR107 - sold

Top: pbhp108
bottom: swhp110

L: hpb 111- sold R: POY112 -sold

L: hpbu113 R:hpw114 - sold

Thursday, January 29, 2009

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoBloom Where You Are Planted!

On SALE for two Weeks only . . . same as top post for spring flowers

These flower hair clips are the perfect accessory for girls of all ages! I have even seen some women clip them to their stylish hats!

To order flower hair clips:
Please call: Amy Davis at 702-345-3366
0r email me at: (best way)
Prices: $6 each or priced as marked
2 for $10
Buy 4 or more and get free shipping!!

bb001- sold
pb003 - sold


pb005 - sold


gw007- sold


p011- sold

gwt012 - sold

multi013 - sold


bw015 - sold
pw016 - sold

gbw017 - sold

pb018- sold


pb020 - sold


gw022 - sold

wp024 - sold
y025 $5

(left) p026
(center) p027 - sold
(right)p028- sold
$4 each small

b029 $4 each small - sold

(right) sold
(left)hp031 Hot pink- sold
$5 each
ow032 $6 - sold

White and red $6 wr033 and wr034
Maroon $6
m035 and m036
r038, r039, r040, r041, r042

Hot pink small hp042 $5- sold
and large hp043 $6 - sold

Priced as a pair below
wb044 $4 - sold

wy044 $4
wy045 $4
or both for $6p046 $4 -sold
p047 $4 - sold

wyg048 $4 - sold